Taking it to new heights…

No matter whether you are a mother, an aunty, a friend or a family member, we all want to do the best for the gorgeous children in our lives and give them everything we can, which includes beautiful and loving celebrations for them!
We are taking it to new heights.. we now get the luxury to create amazing birthdays, christenings and other events to celebrate these beautiful children.. and this doesn’t mean that your event has to be as big and luxurious as Michael and Kyly Clarke’s daughter’s christening or Teri Biviano and Anthony Minichello’s yearly Birthday events for their daughter.. it just means that with a bit of creativity, a bit of help and lots of love we now have the choices and ability to create something special for our little ones!

Take for example our beautiful clients (mothers and godmothers) lately who have created such beautiful features, dessert tables and lovely additions for their children’s christenings! They have been so gorgeous, and with the child’s name as the feature using our customised signage on our wooden pallet wall or hanging with a beautiful wreath, it really creates the perfect addition to any christening! 

And you may have noticed lately that whether it’s the initial of the child’s name or their full name featured over, on, or behind a dessert table it really is THE trend of the season, and the trend of christenings and birthdays! And we absolutely love it and we love that you all are getting on the bandwagon as well! We love the look and feel it creates and that it allows for the child’s name to truly be featured and celebrated at the event! 

So take a look at some of the pics below from some of our recent events, or on our Insta and come talk to us! If you want to create something really special but you’re not sure how, we can help you and would be delighted to bring your vision to life for your beautiful child!

Until next time..

Michelle and Joanna x

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