Terms and conditions

We ask that all our important Clients please ensure that our terms and conditions have been read and understood. By paying the deposit you accept the terms and conditions within this document.

For the purposes of the document the following titles will be defined.
Hirer – Arabella Events ABN: 90 632 147 212
Client – Person/s who pay the deposit and hire products from the Hirer for a fee Products – All items hired by the Client from the Hirer

Payment details
To secure the booking date for event styling or products to be hired by the Client, the Client agrees to place a 50% deposit of the hire price with the Hirer within 3 days from receipt of the invoice. Failure to pay the deposit within that time will lead to an automatic cancellation of the booking.

Balance for event styling or Hire Products is due 7 days prior to handing over the products unless it is agreed to pay the balance with cash on pick up.

All bonds will be held by the Hirer until the safe return or pickup of all products pending no damage to items. All bonds will then be returned to the Client minus any fee incurred either due to late fee/extension fee and/or breakage/damage fee. If damage exceeds bond amount then the Hirer will be liable for the full cost of repairs or replacement of the items.
The amount of bond held will be relevant to the amount of products hired by the Client and agreed to by both the Hirer and the Client. This will be advised to the Client when a booking is confirmed. All bonds will be accepted before the handing over the products and will be returned in the same manner.

All cancellations (including those due to COVID-19) shall be placed in writing and the date deemed received shall be accepted on the receiving of the cancellation in email. No verbal cancellations shall be accepted this is to minimize any misunderstanding.
Should the Client wish to cancel this agreement, four weeks or greater to the date agreed than the Hirer will transfer all monies to the Client less a 20% administration fee.
Should the Client wish to cancel this agreement within four weeks of the agreed date then the Client shall forfeit the 50% deposit placed on the products to the Hirer.
Any other cancellation outside of the above agreement shall be at the discretion of the Hirer.


Should an event be unable to proceed due to Government enforced lockdowns or restrictions, we will work with the Client to reschedule the event or provide a credit for any monies received. Should the client wish to cancel the event due to COVID-19 and not accept a credit, the above cancellation conditions will hold and refunds will only be given in accordance with the terms outlined.  

Once products have been delivered/received the Client assumes all responsibilities and liabilities until they have been collected/delivered by the Hirer.
The Client is responsible in maintaining all appropriate policies of insurance, covering liability, property and casualty insurances in amounts necessary to fully protect the Hirer and their products against all claims, loss or damage. The Hirer is not responsible for any injury that may occur to persons over the hire period or thereafter due to any products supplied by the Hirer whether through payment or otherwise.

Loss or Damages
All products supplied by the Hirer shall always be deemed owned by the Hirer.
All products are supplied to the Client on the bases of reasonable use within the advertised context.
Should any product/s become lost, stolen or damaged when in possession of the Client, the Client shall immediately notify the Hirer. The Client agrees to pay for all products lost, destroyed, stolen, damaged or not returned to the Hirer. All costs will be paid to the Hirer based on the current pricing and availability of the products on the market.
Should no equal product be found by the Hirer then the Client shall reimburse the Hirer the cost in cash or bank transfer at the cost said by the Hirer. All reimbursements shall be paid within 48hrs of the drop off of all products and maybe subject to late fee/extension fee if overdue.

We ask that the Client clean all cake stands. If the client fails to do so, the Hirer will deduct a $10 per item cleaning fee from the bond. Should any facial or cosmetic disfigurement occur during the time in which the product is in possession of the Client, the Hirer shall judge and charge a damage fee to the Client.

The Client consents to allow the Hirer all advertising or artistic showing of any photos given to the Hirer whether for profit or not.